4RE’s Biogas services and Business opportunities.

  • 4RE is Setup to Consult, Design and manage small or large scale solid and wastewater treatment plants.
  • Capacity in Designing, Construct and Manage small and large Biomethane and bio-fertilizer projects.
  • Capacity in Consulting, Design, Constructiing and managing Agricultural/ Farm biogas and bio-fertilizer projects.
  • Design and impliment Biogas production technologies for Single, communal homes (apartments & Condominiums), Hospitals, Schools etc.

Conventional Technologies

The typical biogas system consists of the following components:

  • Manure and waste collection (Receiving, Sorting, fermenting)
  • Anaerobic Digesters (Main Biological Reactor)
  • Byproduct storage systems (for CH4 or Fertilizer)
  • Gas handling systems(Mechanical gas pumps, Pipe systems, Gas storage)
  • Gas utilization systems (Gas separators, Gas upgrading technologies)

    Utilization of Biogas

    • BIOMETHANE is a renewable fuel. It can be used as:
    • Cooking fuel, like Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
    • Fueling vehicles, like Compressed Natural Gas (CNG);
    • Electric power & heat generation.

Environment, Health and Sanitation Benefits

  • Avoidance of odour nuisance and air pollution
  • If methane does not captured and utilized properly, it will contribute to a greenhouse gas (GHG) effect 21 times worse than carbon dioxide if released directly to the atmosphere.
  • The main socio-economic benefits of the present project include foreign exchange saving by reducing import of cooking fuels such as LPG, kerosene and indigenous cooking fuels.
  • Biogas projects also help to earn carbon credits.
  • The social benefits due to the project could be quite high since the project reduces environmental pollution while generating wealth from waste. Reduction of dependency on foreign sources of energy, and creation of jobs


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